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Learning the Art of Letting Go.


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Posted on Jul 7 by

Sometimes we are drowning in the sea of thoughts, activities, and events created by society without even realizing it. During all of that, we forgot to stop, look, and just...



Posted on Jul 6 by

Do you believe that everything in this world follows some arbitrary rules and that everything happens for a reason? It’s dangerous either way. If you are a die-hard believer,...


Letting Go

Posted on Mar 23 by


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Posted on Mar 23 by

I was with a friend, WenJun, on a day-trip around the city. When we touched the topic of love and relationships, she mentioned the word “sacrifice”. She said, that love...


What is FriendMedia?

Posted on Dec 29 by

  A lot of people asked me this question, so what does FriendMedia do? A typical answer from me is usually “we provide technology solutions to SMEs so they can leverage...


The Power of Mini Victories

Posted on Oct 9 by

How many of you jog while looking straight into the distance? How many of you jog while looking only three meters in front of you? Here’s the honest truth, the latter will...